You know you need to exercise for faster weight loss – but what kind of workout should you focus on? Many people split into two camps: strength training or cardio. But what does the science say? Cardio is Weight Loss King To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. And cardio

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Thanksgiving is about food, family, food, friends, and did we mention food? The average American will consume 3,000 calories at Thanksgiving dinner – not to mention the delicious turkey sandwich leftovers. But how does that meal break down? Here are the average calories in our favorite Thanksgiving foods: Turkey Turkey on its own isn’t that

4 Holiday Fitness Tips for Weight Control

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Losing weight during the holidays is nearly impossible, so instead, many people choose to focus on weight control. By keeping your weight in check over the holidays, you can start the New Year on the right foot. Learning how to limit the pumpkin pie and eggnog is important, but physical fitness is a key component

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If you’re trying to lose weight, you know you need to exercise. But the reality is that it’s not always possible to get to the gym. Instead, make it easier to reach your weight loss goals by investing in home fitness equipment. There are a lot of options for a home gym, but with so many

The Top 5 Health Benefits of Exercise

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Exercise isn’t just about looking good – it’s critical to overall health. Here are the top 5 ways that exercise benefits our wellbeing: 1. Helps maintain healthy weight The most obvious benefit of exercise is that it burns calories, helping people maintain a healthier weight. A healthy weight is a cornerstone of health. Being overweight

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“I don’t have time to workout!” This is absolutely the most commonly cited excuse for avoiding what we all know is good for us – exercise. So we’re always looking for ways to workout smarter in order to reap the benefits of fitness. And a new study published in the medical journal Medicine & Science

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Considering investing in home fitness equipment? Setting up a gym at home can be intimidating, but here are 5 reasons why owning your own high-quality fitness equipment is a smart idea: 1. Save money The upfront cost of quality home fitness equipment is high, but over time, it will actually save you money. One, you

Get club-quality fitness and wellness equipment across the southeastern United States, in your facility or at home. Find the best value in home fitness equipment and the best commercial exercise machines on the market. Club members and health conscious customers are willing to pay top dollar for functional (and fun) wellness additions. Offering the right

Flat Abs in Record Time!

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Instead of steeling yourself for 500 boring crunches on the floor or on a bench, try experimenting with ab moves and core training that change your body angles, and use your own body weight to challenge your muscles in new ways – which will lead to RESULTS.   In addition, change up your ab training


There are a million reasons to keep your workout inside during these sweltering months, including concern about heat exhaustion and overtraining in hot, sticky weather.   Your normal outdoor jog can actually get dangerous if you do it in high temperatures and/or without drinking enough water.   Normally, skin, blood vessels and perspiration easily adjust to