Design Your Perfect Home Gym

When looking to set up your home gym, it’s all about making the best use of the space. Here are the four crucial steps in the process.

1) Consider the Space Size

Size matters in a home gym. When selecting the room, pick the biggest one you have available, so the gym can grow in the future if you want to add more workout equipment or get upgrades. The extra space will help motivate you, too. A small claustrophobic room will NOT encourage you get in there and sweat.

The American Council on Exercise provides important dimensions for home gym

• Treadmills and elliptical trainers require 30 square feet each.
• A single-station gym requires 35 square feet.
• A stationary bike requires 10 square feet.
• Free weights require 20 to 50 square feet depending on how many you want.
• A multistation gym requires 50 to 200 square feet depending on the size.

Take an inventory of your space and consider what kinds of exercise you want and who
else might be using your home gym. Ask for suggestions from friends, family and fitness
equipment experts as well, to help you make practical choices.

2) Make Sure the Room is a Good Fit for the Workout Equipment

Examine your space and write down the details. For example:
• What kind of flooring does it have and how much weight can it hold? If you are putting your gym on the second floor, you might need some expert advice.
• Where are the electrical outlets and how many are there in the room? Having an adequate and convenient power supply for cardio equipment is a necessity.
• Do you need to paint? Avoid colors that are too warm and relaxing.  White is an invigorating choice. Use something bright and invigorating.

Once you have a clear view of what will work best in the room, you can shop for gym equipment.

3) Pick the Equipment

Study brand designs to find one that appeals to you. Before you buy:

• MOST IMPORTANTLY – try out the machine. Just as you wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, make sure you’re comfortable with biomechanics i.e. “the fit and comfort” as well as the      functionality and ease of operation.
• Discuss the warranty
• Read product reviews online
• Get detailed information such as dimensions and weight of the machine

Do your homework and in-person testing to ensure you get a machine that does what you want it to and fits the available room space.

 4) Get a professional layout

A full service fitness company should be happy to provide a computerized layout to show you in advance how your exercise room will look. At Premier Fitness Source, we’ll use your room dimensions and equipment preferences to generate a free 3-D design that will let you see from several view angles exactly how your home fitness center will be set up. With our years of experience in workout facility design, we can make the most efficient use of your space to insure that you get the best possible layout. A home gym is a practical health investment and smart design is the key to using your space in the way that will maximize your fitness results.

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