Lateral Training: The next step in the evolution of Cardio?

What’s the newest innovation in cardiovascular exercise?  It’s LATERAL TRAINING.  These new cardio machines are exploding in popularity.

At Premier Fitness Source, we’re always on the lookout for advancements in exercise technology that will help our clients achieve their fitness goals more efficiently and safely.  Lateral Trainers are the answer to the repeated requests we’ve gotten for exercise machines that will help prepare users for golf, tennis and even triathlons.  They’re also the solution for those who want to maximize their calorie burn in a given workout time-frame.  Lateral training burns more calories, activates more muscles and increases stamina faster than other, more traditional cardio pieces or running outdoors.

Those are bold assertions to be sure.  How can Lateral Trainers make these claims?  They do this by working the user in more planes of motion and through a greater variety of movements than other machines.  Lateral Training machines target muscle groups that are completely missed by elliptical trainers or running while at the same time providing superior safety and proper bio-mechanic positioning for the joints.


  • Increased activity in hip, adductor, and abductor muscles which aren’t targeted in other forms of cardio training
  • Motion uniquely works the lower body muscles in all three different planes of movement by combining extension, abduction, and external rotation. This combination provides unequalled calorie burning and muscle toning.
  • Lateral training recruits core muscle involvement – and toning – more intensely than elliptical machines or treadmills
  • Side to side motion increases caloric expenditure by an average of 27% over other cardio machines
  • Lateral motion is less stressful on the medial and lateral ligaments of the knee than walking or running
  • Lateral training has been found to be very effective in treating patients recovering from hip, knee, ankle, and lower back injuries – and for preventing those injuries as well.
  • Increased quadriceps and gluteal strengthening/toning vs. any standard elliptical
  • Increased stability and proprioception (balance) due to the multi-planar movement
  • Lateral movement variation allows specific targeting of hip adductor or abductor muscles in a given workout.
  • Increased muscle recruitment causes greater oxygen uptake (VO2 max) and energy expenditure compared to exercise on a traditional elliptical
  • Lateral trainers typically have a much smaller footprint than other types of cardio machines – They’re Space Savers!

Come in to one of our stores and try a Lateral Trainer.  But be forewarned…you have probably never experienced a cardio machine this intense…or this effective!


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