Used Equipment

 We are always looking to purchase lightly used equipment. If you have fitness equipment taking up space that you no longer use or are interested in upgrading your older model to the latest machine, please contact one of our specialists for a phone consultation or to schedule an onsite visit.

We also maintain an inventory of second hand equipment. NOTE: These items are not guaranteed to be in stock since they are unique pieces and not part of our regular, new product offerings. Please contact us to ensure availability and to inquire about recent additions to our used and refurbished inventory.


1) PRECOR AMT 835 “OPENSTRIDE” – **RARE FIND**   11 TOTAL HOURS ON MACHINE / 22 TOTAL MILES. This AMT 835 is the current top of the line version with “open stride”.This means it has virtually unlimited variables in intensity. The AMT allows the exerciser to step vertical like using a step machine. The step height can be adjusted over 5 levels to as deep as a 9″ step height. The resistance has 20 levels to create greater tension. The stride can take the exerciser from slow walking to full sprinting up to 32″ without touching  a button. You can go backward. You can go forward. You can move your arms freely or grab the moving bars. If desired you can even hold on top the parallel bars for some extra hard leg work. It’s a stepper, treadmill and elliptical in one machine and it elevates your heart rate like nothing else. This could be argued to be the greatest cardio exercise machine ever developed and Precor was there every step of the way.

You could wait for 10 years and not ever see another AMT that has never seen the inside of a health club and has fewer hours on it that a gym gets in the first 3 days. If this had 500 hours it would be a good buy with a ton of life yet. 11 hours simply means it’s brand new and saves you $4000. First $6499 takes it home with full 5 years parts and 1 year in home labor warranty!



2)  Pre-owned hex dumbbells from 3-100 in both grey painted and rubber coated. Sizes vary. Pricing ranges from $.75/lb-$1.25/lb.

Pre-owned hex dumbbells gray       DUMBBELLS


3)    Pre-owned steel Olympic weight plates. All sizes. $.75/pound as available.

olympic weight plates


4)  CYBEX ARC TRAINER 360A: The ARC is NOT an elliptical but it works  similar muscles and has a unique feel that is preferred by certain people.  Many gym chains use ARC trainers as their “crosstrainer” instead of traditional  ellipticals. This model is the residential “360 A” model and is complete with upper body handles and fully adjustable inclining system; the higher the incline the more it raises the knee and works  glutes and thighs in a very intense way. If you’ve never worked out on an ARC Trainer then you need to stop by and give it a trial run. $2299 with PFS warranty.




5)  3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill   LIST PRICE: $2499        FLOOR MODEL:   $1499

3G Cardio builds premium treadmills that offer durability and high quality for very reasonable prices. These guys have done their homework to mix creature comforts and features with beefy components that are made to be used hard and used regularly. This is their signature treadmill called the Pro Runner. It has everything but the kitchen sink. The 21″ wide rubberized orthopedic belt/deck combo offers cushioning and joint support for any user concerned about their knees, back, feet, etc. A powerful 3 HP motor is warrantied for LIFE as is the frame. With a full 15 degree incline and 12 mph speed the Pro Runner is a top pick for anyone wanting to push themselves to new limits without worrying about their treadmill falling apart. Last, but not least, 3G has designed a nearly perfect console with many motivational programs, interactive HR features, a BMI calculator, a 2 speed fan to keep you cool and quick buttons for both speed and incline intervals. This treadmill lists at $2499. It is brand new with a 5 year parts and 1 year labor warranty. Get this demo unit for $1000 off, or $1499!!

3G Pro Runner.2 3G Pro Runner



6)  SPIRIT/SOLE XE 200 ELLIPTICAL: There is little question that Spirit/Sole (same exact company and products) makes the best ellipticals between $1000-1500. In a business where virtually ALL ellipticals under $1000 shake, squeak or feel awful here is a machine for around the same price that does none of the above. Besides feeling smooth and fluid, this XE 200 model has several program options, controls on the moving handlebar and adjustable foot pedals to find your perfect fit! Very low hours. $699 with PFS warranty.




7)  HOIST FITNESS V2 CABLE MOTION GYM: This gym by premium equipment manufacturer Hoist was ahead of it’s time and fits in perfect with all the home machine offerings available in 2017. In the past, people had no choice but to push on a machine that pivoted on a fixed axis over a pre-set range of motion. This worked big muscle groups but neglected the smaller, stabilizer muscles. Now the buzz words are “functional fitness” and “core training”. The V2 is the gym for this type of exercise. It has pulleys with complete range of motion to allow a more effective and much faster workout. This gym was a top seller a few years back for $2500+. This is $1199 with PFS warranty, wall chart and optional lat bar.


8)   PRECOR EFX 5.21si ELLIPTICAL CROSSTRAINER: Precor invented the elliptical 25 years ago. Since then the category has grown to one of the largest in the industry but Precor has continued to wear the crown as the king of all ellipticals. Precor is the gold standard in this popular category. One of the reasons for this is that they are the only true “crosstrainer”. Because of their patented “crossramp” with varying angles to work different muscles the Precor EFX (elliptical fitness crosstrainer) allows the user speed changes, resistance changes and ramp changes for the ultimate workout with a ton of variety. This model was $4000  new and is a spitting image of it’s commercial gym counterpart. It is American made and has been proven to last 20 years in peoples homes. This one has so little use that it will be around for many years to come. These don’t stay around very long. $1799 with PFS warranty.




9)  LIFE FITNESS X3 ELLIPTICAL WITH TRACK CONSOLE- The pre-owned elliptical is about as new as pre-owned can get. This was purchased a few years ago and amassed a grand total of 11 hours and 78 total miles. It has the upgraded, interactive “track” console and is in pristine condition in every way. This must be seen to fully appreciate how new it is. $2199 with PFS warranty.




10)  SPIRIT/SOLE XE 350 ELLIPTICAL: There is little question that Spirit/Sole (same exact company and products) makes the best ellipticals between $1000-1500. In a business where virtually ALL ellipticals under $1000 shake, squeak or feel awful here is a machine for around the same price that does none of the above. Besides feeling smooth and fluid, this XE 350 model has several program options, controls on the moving handlebar and adjustable foot pedals to find your perfect fit! Very low hours. $799 with PFS warranty.



11)  PRECOR FITNESS USA 9.27 TREADMILL – Precor treadmills consistently last 20+ years in residential settings. We rarely come across used models of Precor but, when we do, we jump on them. This was home owned and well taken care of. Everything works perfect. It has all of Precor’s classic programs as well as their impact absorbing deck system called GFX (Ground Effects). $1199 with PFS warranty. (located at Buckhead store)



12)  LIFE FITNESS 5500 HR ELLIPTICAL- If this looks familiar it’s because it is the exact elliptical you see in most health clubs by Life Fitness.  In fact, the top of the line residential product in the LF line-up is always the full commercial machine built for homes with a computer that is more geared toward individual use. This is the 5500 HR model often called the “Club Series”. This is built like a tank and made to be used hard and used regularly. This one is priced to sell @ $1199 with PFS Warranty. (located at Buckhead store)



13) VISION FITNESS E3200 HRT UPRIGHT BIKE – this is your standard health club style electronic exercise bike with a wide, comfortable seat (a necessity), racing handle bars to keep the middle back from rounding and the smoothest mechanics for the best feeling ride. This model has several motivational programs such as the “hill”, “random” and “interval”. It is also equipped with built in heart rate monitoring. Once optional $40 custom reading rack and PFS warranty come at no extra charge for $299.



14) HORIZON FITNESS DT 850 FOLDING TREADMILL -Horizon Fitness is one of the few companies that build value oriented intermediate grade treadmills. Translation: The fitness industry is plagued by “all show and no go” department store equipment. You seldom know what is made with good parts internally and what is just external fluff trying to divert your attention from poor quality parts. Horizon has bridged that gap. They are reasonably priced yet have components that can take the rigors of daily exercise.

This DT850 model is pre-owned and priced lower yet, making it an exceptional value. $475 with Premier Fitness Source home warranty.
15)  NORTHERN LIGHTS  LEG PRESS/HACK SQUAT/CALF – Northern Lights is a strength company out of Canada that is know for their heavy duty construction and quality. This leg press/hack squat is no exception. This 45 degree machine is built with 11 gauge steel front to back and injection molded upholstery. This commercial grade padding is solid and can not be punctured, torn or damaged. It feels especially good on your shoulders while doing hack squats and on your lower back while pressing. Converting from hack to leg press takes seconds and the sled is complete with a welded calf block for building massive lower legs. A leg press is a staple in any serious home gym. $899 with warranty.






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