Used Equipment

 We are always looking to purchase lightly used equipment. If you have fitness equipment taking up space that you no longer use or are interested in upgrading your older model to the latest machine, please contact one of our specialists for a phone consultation or to schedule an onsite visit.

We also maintain an inventory of second hand equipment. NOTE: These items are not guaranteed to be in stock since they are unique pieces and not part of our regular, new product offerings. Please contact us to ensure availability and to inquire about recent additions to our used and refurbished inventory.


1) Pre-owned hex dumbbells from 3-100 in both grey painted and rubber coated. Sizes vary. Pricing ranges from $.75/lb-$1.25/lb.

Pre-owned hex dumbbells gray       DUMBBELLS


2)    Pre-owned steel Olympic weight plates. All sizes. $.75/pound as available.

olympic weight plates


3)  CYBEX ARC TRAINER 360A: The ARC is NOT an elliptical but it works  similar muscles and has a unique feel that is preferred by certain people.  Many gym chains use ARC trainers as their “crosstrainer” instead of traditional  ellipticals. This model is the residential “360 A” model and is complete with upper body handles and fully adjustable inclining system; the higher the incline the more it raises the knee and works  glutes and thighs in a very intense way. If you’ve never worked out on an ARC Trainer then you need to stop by and give it a trial run. $2299 with PFS warranty.




4)  LIFE FITNESS 5500 HR ELLIPTICAL- If this looks familiar it’s because it is the exact elliptical you see in most health clubs by Life Fitness.  In fact, the top of the line residential product in the LF line-up is always the full commercial machine built for homes with a computer that is more geared toward individual use. This is the 5500 HR model often called the “Club Series”. This is built like a tank and made to be used hard and used regularly. This one is priced to sell @ $1199 with PFS Warranty. (located at Buckhead store)




5) HORIZON FITNESS DT 850 FOLDING TREADMILL -Horizon Fitness is one of the few companies that build value oriented intermediate grade treadmills. Translation: The fitness industry is plagued by “all show and no go” department store equipment. You seldom know what is made with good parts internally and what is just external fluff trying to divert your attention from poor quality parts. Horizon has bridged that gap. They are reasonably priced yet have components that can take the rigors of daily exercise.

This DT850 model is pre-owned and priced lower yet, making it an exceptional value. $475 with Premier Fitness Source home warranty.
6)  NORTHERN LIGHTS  LEG PRESS/HACK SQUAT/CALF – Northern Lights is a strength company out of Canada that is know for their heavy duty construction and quality. This leg press/hack squat is no exception. This 45 degree machine is built with 11 gauge steel front to back and injection molded upholstery. This commercial grade padding is solid and can not be punctured, torn or damaged. It feels especially good on your shoulders while doing hack squats and on your lower back while pressing. Converting from hack to leg press takes seconds and the sled is complete with a welded calf block for building massive lower legs. A leg press is a staple in any serious home gym. $899 with warranty.


7)  LIFE FITNESS X3 ELLIPTICAL WITH TRACK CONSOLE- The pre-owned elliptical is about as new as pre-owned can get. This was purchased a few years ago and amassed a grand total of 25 hours (aka: not used very much). It has the upgraded, interactive “track” console and is in pristine condition in every way. This must be seen to fully appreciate how new it is. $2199 with PFS warranty.




8)  HOME OWNED LIFE FITNESS COMMERCIAL 90X ELLIPTICAL: This is another full commercial grade product that was bought new for a residence and used only by 2 people for it’s entire life. I must stress the rarity in finding these types of deals. This is not a department store machine. It’s not a specialty fitness high end home machine. This is a machine built for big time health clubs that was bought for $7000 and used in a home. It has an internal generator and does not require external power. If you’ve thought about buying a top of the line elliptical like they have at the gym then THIS IS THE ONE. Priced to sell at $2495 with Premier Fitness Source warranty.




9)  SPIRIT/SOLE XE 350 ELLIPTICAL: There is little question that Dyaco Corp. (aka: Spirit or Sole – same exact company and products with different labels) makes the best ellipticals between $1000-1500. In a business where virtually ALL ellipticals under $1000 shake, squeak or feel awful here is a machine for around the same price that does none of the above. Besides feeling smooth and fluid, this XE 350 model has several program options, a fan and adjustable foot pedals to find your perfect fit! Very low hours. $699 with PFS warranty.



10)  FULL COMMERCIAL “MUSCLE D” WEIGHT ASSISTED CHIN/DIP STATION- This is NOT a pre-owned item and it is absolutely full commercial grade built for the heaviest of duty applications. It’s as nice and as finshed as any premium machine you’ve ever used at the gym. This $3500 beauty was special ordered for a well-known actor that was in town filming a movie and requested sevral specific items. He used it for 2 months. We are now selling it for over 40% off @ $1999. Anyone in the market for one has priced the Stairmaster Gravitron, the Life Fitness version and others and knows these are $3000-4000. First $1999 takes it home.


11)  BH FITNESS S3 Ti PREMIUM FOLDING TREADMILL:     BH is often thought of as the Life Fitness of Spain and surrounding areas in Europe. They’ve been producing fitness equipment since 1969. There are endless large scale fitness centers that are exclusively outfitted with BH equipment in Europe but BH is still a relatively new introduction into North America (2007). This is one of their residential treadmills with a a 250 pound steel frame, the wide 22″ tread belt and gym quality internals. This is a $2000 high end specialty store unit that is pre-owned yet under 1 year old. It is perfect in every way. With all the pseudo-treadmills being offered in this price range these days but barely holding up to even basic use, here is a fantastic deal on a high end machine that can take the punishment and will for years to come. $1199 with PFS warranty.


12) PRECOR 9.33i TREADMILL- This is what Precor is known for.  Precor, aka: Precision Corporation, doesn’t cut corners and holds true to their name. Everything on the 9.33i treadmill is precision from the patented suspension system (IFT and Ground Effects) to the 350 pound framework to the motivational console that always focuses on “fitness first”. This very treadmill was hand assembled in Woodinville, WA with American built parts. This unit is designed to be used hard for 20+ years. This one has 137 total hours logged on it. It’s very simple math. It’s been broken in by the previous owner and is ready for years of exercise. $1895 with PFS warranty.



13)  PRECOR EFX 5.21i ELLIPTICAL: This Precor EFX is exactly what the doctor ordered (no pun intended). Precor invented this category of equipment 25 years ago and is still the Gold Standard. It’s hard to imagine a time before every health club, training studio, hotel, etc had ellipticals and it was this EFX that began it all. This USA built 5.21i is smooth as glass with fully adjustable ramp settings and electromagnetic resistance just like the club units. This one has 98 hours on it so it’s ready for someone to dig in and work it like it was built to be worked. This won’t last long for $1795 with warranty.


14)  USA SCHWINN AIRDYNE- This is the gold beast that started it all. Air bikes have proven to be timeless as Crossfit gyms have brought them back in full force and for top dollar. Nothing, however, can match the durability of this USA built first generation Schwinn Airdyne. This  is built by the Schwinn bicycle company before the company was sub-divided and sold into different divisions then finally dragged overseas and cheapened into what was eventually only a replica of it’s former self.  Most have been used and abused but every once in a while a bike surfaces that has been hidden in a basement unused and begging to be put into action. $399 with PFS warranty


15)  LIFE FITNESS X5 ADVANCED W/ADJUSTABLE STRIDE VARIATIONS: Life Fitness makes great gym equipment. Life Fitness also makes great home equipment. Life Fitness builds the X Series Ellipticals that have proven themselves in the market for years. The Life Fitness X5 was developed to give a varying stride length option that allows users of different heights to choose between 18, 20, 22 and 24 inches of travel. With the average height walker taking a 20″ step, this adds many new possibilities for exercising. Add the upgraded ADVANCED computer console and this is one fantastic fitness package for $1695 with PFS warranty

16)  VISION FITNESS VFT9600 TREADMILL- This is a CLASSIC treadmill built by industry giant Johnson Healthcare. The 9600 model was bigger and heavier than it’s residetial cousins 9400 and 9500. It was built identical to its beefy commercial brother 9700. With a massive motor and heavy steel frame, the 9600 is built for war. It’s hard to find a treadmill in 2017 with more steel and less plastic. It’s 60 inches long with an orthopedic belt and extra cushioned running deck. Up top, the treadmill is equipped with the Vision’s “CLASSIC” display which has several program options as well as quick toggle keys for interval training speed and incline. This treadmill is absolutely immaculate with very, very limited use. It’s a rare find, a “must see” and won’t be here long for $1595 with PFS warranty.



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